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Started by Gryzor, 09:42, 04 June 21

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...though not what you might have expected:

This little album was made with the sounds of the Amstrad Fidelity CKX100 only. It's is a mini keyboard with 49 keys, 10 instruments, 28 rhythms, vibrato, sustain, auto harmony and a playright mode. It was released in 1988. I've used the original and sampled versions of the sounds and added delay, reverb, chorus and distortion. The first track contains some voice samples from the demonstration tape, that was shipped with this keyboard.

Watch my full review of this keyboard on YouTube:
released September 20, 2020

All tracks written by Keen On Keys


So, would you place this higher or lower in the wiki user ranking system?  ;D


Above the GX, below the PlayCity.


Not really a good keyboard. Use a strange Hitachi CPU and a cheap FM sound chip.
If is was very common, the good thing will be to turn it as a CPC/9ch AY keyboard. ;D
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