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Axel's Chipsound Fantasies

Started by Axel, 14:54, 04 July 22

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Klar, kriegen wir das hin. Wir sind zwar Sterbliche, aber was für welche!


@ Villain:

Hab jetzt mal zwei deutsche Songs auf meinem Kanal. Weitere kommen. Habe ne Playlist "Deutsch" hinzugefügt, worin sich dann alle tummeln werden. Werden auch noch beschwingtere und lustigere hinzukommen.

Link zum Kanal:
Axel Kanal


Hello you.

I caused some dissatisfaction with a comment on this forum a while back, but this is my latest "chippy track".
And maybe one of you will risk an ear after all.

It's also a cat video, which is a rarity on YouTube.

Warm greetings.


Hello everyone, here comes the next one. 
I think a few listened in, which makes me very happy.
A few listeners is just a cool thing.


Hey guys, here's the latest delivery of quasi-chip-music. 
This time a little more Amiga Paula plus AY/YM.
100% SID free.

I'd be happy if someone listens :)

Best regards, Axel

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