BBC Chiptune report.

Started by Bryce, 16:13, 18 March 11

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If you ignore the fact that the BBC (like so many other subjects) don't seem to understand what they are reporting about and the fact that it only really talks about the US scene, the report itself isn't bad:

Does anyone under the age of 60 actually work for the BBC?



Quote from: Bryce on 16:13, 18 March 11
Does anyone under the age of 60 actually work for the BBC?


Sorry for the off-topic!  :-[

Didn't really worry me, though I was suprised when the BBC got rid of Michael Parkinson, of course his chat-show continued on another English station which was good at the time!  ;D  Why the BBC got rid of Parkinson - I thought it was all about the age of him at the time! At 76 though his interview with David Frost still showed Parkinson in fine form!  ;D

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Really? A UK outlet focusing on US material? Oh well, still a nice read.

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