Best way to convert a mod to an mp3?

Started by Gryzor, 21:06, 30 November 10

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What it says on the tin.
I want to convert my collection so I can listen to it in the car, but unfortunately my radio CD does not support tracker formats :D Anyone's got an idea?


I don't know the best way, but some program like 'Aiseesoft Mod Video Converter' or 'WAP MP3 Convert' seems to fit for the job.


what about using winamp to transform then into wav files and then audacity to encode to mp3? or you could use as well modplug tracker


@metr: WAV MP3 Convert (I assume that's what you mean, not WAP?) seems nice, sad it's not freeware. Aiseesoft's program seems to be talking about some video kind of mod, not audio...
@trocoloco: yes, batch-converting through winamp to wav and then encoding to mp3 seems to be my option of choice, I was just asking if there's anything better; WAV MP3 Convert *would* fit the description if it was freeware :)


An old version of MusicMatch will do it for free.


Sorry it was "WAV MP3 Convert" (but Wap! sounds better :D)

About Aiseesoft's program, yes seems it's talking about the *.mod files from digital cameras. My bad !

A pity there isn't freeware version of the first, I don't know if there is a demo version that would let you to convert some of them without any kind of "watermark" (I don't know if there is an audio version of a watermark or the name in english  ::) ).

Winamp or that MusicMatch seems the free-way to go ! Good luck !


@ukmarkh: do you mean Musicmatch Jukebox?? But isn't it a commercial product?
@Metr: Deliplayer seems to support conversion, too (found that on an Amiga board), although in the paid version. However, since it's not been available or updated in a few years maybe we'd have better luck with it...

Btw, anyon has a nice stash of mods, from games or not? Any sources you'd suggest? :)


Winamp plays MODs and has a WAV writer (Options > Preferences > Output > Disk Writer).

Lame will convert the WAV to an MP3 for you.


Tried Musicmatch this morning; won't even try to run on Windows 7. Today I'll try Delitracker, and if that fails it's Winamp all over again :)

I only have to find some more mods - my old collection died with a HDD...


Didn't you have a Windoze Phone?
Why not download a Modplayer for your phone, and hook it up to your car-stereo? That's what I would do. :-)

About converting MODs to MP3, you should be aware that MODs composed on a real Amiga will have a timing issue when played back on almost all PC players. You will only notice this in MODs that uses long samples though, e.g. for rhythms.
This will also be noticeable on the MP3 since the program you use to render the MOD into MP3 also has this timing issue.

Milkytracker lets you render XM and MOD to WAV, and one advantage of doing it with Milkytracker is, that you can set speaker-settings to semi-stereo. That way you won't have 2 channels in the left speaker and 2 channels in the right. Instead you'll have 2 channels 25% LEFT 75% RIGHT and 2 channels 25% RIGHT 75% LEFT. Sounds better.


I use this player which I attached.

It's written in Java and should work on many platforms.
I have the full sourcecode and so I can compile it and also change things.

It can also save the MODs as WAV and I am sure you have a tool which converts WAV to MP3 then ;)
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Quote from: Devilmarkus on 12:07, 16 December 10
I use this player which I attached.
It can also save the MODs as WAV and I am sure you have a tool which converts WAV to MP3 then ;)

That's cool, nice player.

You could always put Lame in there to make a MP3.


Hey! Nice find... wish it did playlists (and converted them, too), but lovely!

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