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for those with early 80's memories:

will be released in a couple of weeks time in 2 versions.  Large and Jnr.... I've just pre-ordered two.  One to keep & one to 'hack'   8)'d be fun to somehow connect it to the CPC.....


As much as I wanted one as a kid, compared to new stuff like Lego Mindstorms, it doesn't really have the appeal it once did. Not sure I can. really see the point in bringing it back, to be honest.


I suppose for 34€ it would be worth it just to play around with for a weekend, but it wouldn't hold my attention for much longer than that. I doubt it would be very "hackable" either, at that price it probably doesn't have any descrete components in it, just a silicon blob on the board with the required inputs and outputs. It doesn't look like they've added RS232 / USB or anything else interesting either, so connecting it to the CPC would only allow a sort of remote keyboard function.



Um... I had a big, yellow crane. You could turn it around and it could lower and lift its bucket. Never heard of robo-tanks :D


I had a BigTrak circa 1980 with the motorised tipping trailer.  It was a nice bit of kit but like many have said, it does not hold your attention for long.  I've also got a similar car that you programmed via a touchpad under the bonnet.  It had lights, brake lights, engine noises and so on;  I got it because I was into Knight Rider in the early 1980s and this car looked rather like it!  I just inserted some new batteries in it a few minutes ago, but sadly it seems to be faulty due to nearly 30yrs of being switched off.  Here is a google result of it
Amstrad CPC6128, 3.5" Ext' Floppy, SD HxC Floppy Emulator


well, when I was 11-12 it was fun, futuristic and different... I'll be buying these for my nephew (honest huh-hum).

although for 34€ I read it does include a webcam that can take photos - although this might be an optional extra, same as the trailer.
I was thinking more along the lines of fitting my bluetooth receiver/transmitter to it so it can communicate with my PC and from there (and a webserver) I could send signals to drive the BigTak Jnr around my house when I'm not there (viewing the rooms via the webcam and keeping an eye on the pets aswell).
I started doing a 'traditional' robot design project using an oopic and a proper robot frame etc... that so far has cost >  150€ - so seeing the functionality / the casing and the ability to bolt onto this for 34€, I reckon it'd make a good build-on hack toy that has some nice retro-looks of the 80s... and therefore won't look out of place in my spare room, which has been named by my wife as the "8-bit 80s room"... she thinks it's sad, but I like my living museum...maybe, she's right ;)

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