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I ran across this:

And then went looking for info on point-and-click and that is how I found the site.

Well if you're interested in a particular title let me know and I'll tell you if I have it and how I liked it... 🙂

Thanks for the offer but I'll wait to see if they publish something with more CPC content. :)

Don't hold your breath... but seriously if you want a great read about 80s and 90s computing do pick up a book or two from them.

AFAIK when they have asked, the response of the community has been... meh.

I'm not sure why there are more C64 and ZX Spectrum fans, or may be they are not and is just that they buy or support this type of stuff, but ZZAP! 64 and Crash have bimonthly editions now, in 2021!

Excuse me if I sound bitter, but I'd love the same for the CPC: Amstrad Action, Amtix!, whatever... don't care which one! Unfortunately sounds like it's never going to be :(


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