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Amiga Shit Game Time - International Championship Wrestling

Started by ZEUSDAZ, 17:59, 02 April 21

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Now I enjoyed WWF wrestling back in the late 80's and I remember the bad wrestling games I sadly experienced back in the day but this game surly has to be the worse!  :doh:

Advertised as great gameplay, 300 frames per character ( :laugh: ), 32 bright colours on screen and fast paced action,...WHAT A F*CKING JOKE!
They failed to mention the endless loading times and endless disk swaps if you sadly never owned any external drives >:(

This is a paid request by Youtuber "Ray C" who feels this needs the full SGT treatment, Zeus is gonna give it just that!

Enjoy the review of this god awful game:


Haven't played it but it doesn't look THAT bad. I can certainly believe there are 300 frames/character. As for the swapping - wait, you know you reviewed it on an Amiga, right? :D

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