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C64 Nightmares Kickstarter

Started by merman, 11:49, 07 May 24

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So, in 2023 writer Graeme Mason did the book ZX Nightmares, looking at over one hundred terrible ZX Spectrum games.

Now, I have written a sequel - C64 Nightmares.

With Loathsome Licences, games that tested the Patience of a Saint, the bizarre games that made you say They Did What?, and the Simply Awful.

Over 200 pages, with multiple screenshots and game covers, plus review quotes from classic gaming magazines.

Funding on Kickstarter now, with over 500 backers already:


Why not an ebook instead of a pdf? I'd back it then...😐


Quote from: Gryzor on 12:23, 07 May 24Why not an ebook instead of a pdf? I'd back it then...😐
Because that requires extra formatting and effort, and it doesn't work with such an image-heavy book.


48 hours to go and we've hit £20,000


You know that PDF is an ebook format? That should be available, don't need it printed.
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