French Tandy Color Computer 2

Started by protek, 21:05, 06 October 21

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I thought this forum might be the best place to ask about the French variant of the CoCo 2. What was specific to that version (besides the AZERTY keyboard) that it had RGB out from the factory. Practically all other CoCo 2 variants had only RF out save from some educational version in the NTSC land that had composite.

Has anyone of you come across or are you in the possession of a French CoCo 2?


Not exactly the coco, but close enough, there was a SECAM variant of the Dragon computer, that had some circuitry to convert the YPbPr of the MC6847 Video Display Generator into a RGB signal.

Is that what you're looking for, or are you looking for that specific computer model?


I have a PAL CoCo2 coming to me at the moment. I'd like to upgrade the RF to something better. Would be interesting to see some detailed pictures of the mainboard of the French version. The Dragon would probably be a good reference too.



I have two French Coco 2 in my collecting. To me, the only differences with other versions are the Scart video connector and the Azerty keyboard. This "feature" can cause some compatibility problems with some games...

This computer has been sold for a little time in France (1984 - 1986 ?) and was not very popular (no french editor has done software for it). Some Cocos have been used in private schools (Studial release, with a specific rom) :

[TRS-80 Coco 2] modèle spécifique ? -

Clearly, if you compare it with other machines like Amstrad 464, it's one generation older (even it was nice for a 1980 computer). Anyway, I like this machine :-).

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