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Emulator to play mario bros?

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I'd be fairly confident that the NES has no system ROM, I'm pretty sure MESS would require it or at least document that fact in some way.  Only ROM on the standard NES systems are the BIOS for the Famicom Disk System, and is on the Japanese systems only.  It's marked as optional, so it's not required for regular NES carts.


--- Quote from: SamanthaB on 16:08, 29 May 13 ---HI guys,

Im totally new to this, Im a Mario Bros fan but I dont have a nintendo. I was told to look for an emulator?? to play it. Can someone help me on how to do this? I have included a great Mario Bros font for my little contribution to the forum :)

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Hi, well the Brothers are on our 2 DO list, but it will take some years to be honest. Time is so scarce in these days. But it you like the sisters too, then you don't have to wait that long... here is a WIP...;video_referrer=watch

Happy day,

Hi TFM/FS, your link took me to a page saying the video couldn't be edited...

Easy fix, change "audio" for "watch" on the URL TFM posted, or watch it below...  ;D

Giana 3rd glimpse - YouTube

Well, I posted this link at the beginnin, but the sound is missing!  :o  Dunno what youtube changed again now, all that changes are kinda bothersome. None of has has time for that... Oh well...


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