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Fiverr alternatives

Started by zhulien, 07:49, 19 October 23

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A few years back my business tried to find an 8bit coder both locally and abroad along with an 8bit hardware designer.  The hardware designer was in fact microbee from Melbourne Australia who currently still is in business.  Anyway, multiple attempts failed to even get a quote from Microbee, but I did get to meet the business owner and see the headquarters with their really cool coldfire+z80 based microbees... I guess they are a small business and although they advertise contracted hardware work, maybe they have some good reason not to quote.

Likewise with software it was very hard to find someone who wanted to be paid to develop for z80, both in cpc forums and fiverr... you'd think someone would like such a job.

Anyway... this post is not for that as such but rather... all coders and hardware makers here, if there was an 8bit only equivalent of fiverr... would you use it to offer your services?   

Although there are likely people in India that can code 8bit stuff... I still ask those who spam me about websites if they can do z80 too, and most say yes no worries... although I don't think they likely do. But maybe I am wrong.

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