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psytronic new release

Started by cpc4eva, 14:34, 08 January 11

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some new retro news from psytronik software  people may like to read - even if its on crummy 64  >:(  nice title though 1000 kung fu maniacs, screenshots and video click on the link.


Hmm, it's always a good thing if people produce something. But this is for c64, so maybe move that thread into the appropriate category, else people could think it's for the CPC. Guess a CBS colecovision version could look better ;)
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Heh! This looks very cute (palette notwithstanding).

Moving thread...


Can you jump in the game? (I don't think I saw the character jump in the youtube video). They should make a C128 version so they can have the music and sfx at the same time.


Evry one is kung-Fu kight-iiiiiing !

but graphics are a bit...errr... not my taste.

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