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Gotek and my MAC
« on: 06:47, 04 January 17 »
Hi All
I Only have a small amount of hair left! (Wonder why)
I know its slightly off subject BUT it may be of some use to Others Using the GOTEK
and or HXC.
I am trying to run a Gotek on an Amiga 600.
I have 2 Goteks here, I flashed 1 with the Cortex Flasher and associated software.(Amiga)
The second Gotek created the same problems.
Formatted an 8 gig USB Stick on my Trusty MAC ( Yet to be Trusted ) placed
SELECTOR.ADF in the root of the Stick. Which should be enough to get the Gotek started.
Connected it to Drive 0 DF0: in the A600.  NOTHING just 3 Bars ? Heh.
4 days go by (Less hair), I even got technical, Out with the multimeter etc and tested most things.
All looked OK ??
Plugged it back in to the A600 3 Bars on the display With the USB Stick plugged in. ?
I then had a lucid moment ( They don’t happen very often ).
I then went back and reformatted (Fat32) the USB stick on the MAC and then REPAIRED the newly formatted Stick, transferred the File SELECTOR.ADF to the Root of the Stick.
Plugged it in and Voila 0 0 0 appeared for the first time.
I love my MAC BUT please format the USB sticks correctly. MAC OS 10.11.6
Now i can have a Happy New Year.
I hope that this is of some use.
Thanks for reading     Ray

An Edit :-  I also have found just now that the only USB Sticks that work are "Sandisk" Both 8 Gig and 16 Gig .
None of the others here will work.

Thanks   Ray
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