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Gryzor vs Tetris

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Just amazing :D

PS Hmmmm the animation doesn't show... you have to download it :(

PS3 This is weird, the animation doesn't show because it downloads only the first frame? Can anyone else confirm this?

It's because the forum handles all image uploads as PNG files.
Upload your GIF directory to the server to httpdocs/forum/ and use this:

--- Code: ---[img]myfile.gif[/img]
--- End code ---

I could install an uploader again which uploads to forum/useruploads or so.
Then everyone could upload images here and use the IMG tag to show it.

Yeah, I gathered that much and tried to upload it, but my online ftp interface does not work for some reason, and here at work no proper FTP is allowed...

Anyone knows of a nice, working web/ftp interface I can setup?

Test: Upload applet:

What applet? :D


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