Author Topic: Gui developer required for Sega Megadrive shoot em up  (Read 941 times)

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Hello all,

We are a group developing a vertical Shmup for the SEGA Megadrive.

We have Developers working on the Gamecode, Tools, Artists and a Musician.
We are looking to find a developer with GUI development experience to help to develop the front-end for a GUI based Level-Editor.
Cross-Platform Frameworks such as QT and wxWidgets.

We are using an FPGA based development system that allows us to interrogate the Megadrive as it executes.

To clarify here: the Level-Editor is written in C and runs from the Command-Line. However, we wanted to have it wrapped up in a nice GUI to be easy to use for Level-Designers. As such, I am not expecting the GUI Developer to make all the decisions about the Level Data, etc as that's pretty much done.

Also, do not be put off when I mention 'FPGA' or 'CPLD' - that's part of the Development System that we use to Trace the Game's execution on the Megadrive and we merely communicate with it over USB so just think of that as a piece of Hardware that you can talk to. Again, the USB side is already sorted out so we really just want to have a nice, well designed GUI to help Level-Designers accomplish the task of designing Levels 

I'd be interested in working with an experienced GUI Developer who has experience using QT and/or wxWidgets.

Please PM me with your questions or reply to this Thread.



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Re: Gui developer required for Sega Megadrive shoot em up
« Reply #1 on: 19:56, 26 June 14 »
Oh, this is interesting! Is there a web page with material on the game or is it still a secret? :)