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Broken A4000

Started by nicf82, 23:35, 20 November 22

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I just acquired an A4000 today and when I got it home and switched it on, I got horizontally scrolling garbled output on the monitor. After a reset I got a SUPERVISOR prompt, so I thought great ;D it works, and left it a few hours.

Switching I back on I was back to the scrolling nonsense, and no amount of resetting or fiddling with the monitor would fix it. I tried a LCD VGA monitor and got no output at all, so back to the CRT and it was now even worse with no output at all! :( Something getting progressively worse?

I snipped out the CMOS battery, although there was not much sign of corrosion, maybe a tiny bit on the legs but it hadn't destroyed anything. I still have not replaced it but intend to soon. In the mean time I have been holding DEL on boot to reset the CMOS.

I am able to blind type in BASIC SOUND commands and hear them, so it seems to be running ok! Its just the display - any Ideas what I can do do diagnose and fix this problem?



Hi nicf82,
     as this is an Amstrad forum I have to ask... Are you talking about an Amiga A4000? I have no idea what else it could be, but you need to give more details than just A4000 when you're not on an Amiga forum.



Sounds more like Archimedes 4000.


A(mstrad GX)4000 with a battery mod?


I have though about them, or a RTX A4000 graphic card.
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Sorry, sorry - it is an Acorn A4000


"DEL on boot to reset the CMOS"

Judging from these parts of his post, it definitely is about an Acorn Archimedes. But that is just about everything I know about them.

Edit: Damn it, I saw your post too late, nicf82!
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Yes that's right, it's an Acorn Archimedes A4000 :)

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