Kickstart-like titles?

Started by Gryzor, 10:42, 29 March 21

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When I was little I remember playing, at a family friends' house, a game similar to Kickstart on their Commodore 64 (yeah... my parents really didn't know how to pick friends). I remember really enjoying it, but can't find it? It was a kickstart-like game, BUT the bottom half, instead of showing a racer from the side, showed the track from the top, so that apart from controlling the rider as usual in the top half you could also steer him left and right using the bottom half...

Rings a bell?

Also while looking for it just now I realised that Kickstart 2 doesn't look half bad on the CPC!


It's almost certainly Super Scramble Simulator.

Like Kikstart, it was coded by Shaun Southern who would later go on to do Lotus Turbo Challenge and Super Cars on the Amiga.

There is an Amstrad version as well:
An expanding array of hardware available at (and issue 3 of CPC Fanzine!)


Pretty sure that was the one I partially had in mind. I mean, it does look like it and I'm surprised how well I remember the gfx, but on the otehr hand it came out in 89 so the earliest I could've played it was when I was 13 and not a small kid. So I'm thinking I've mixed memories, as you often do :)

Ah yes the vid just reached the rocks section, that was definitely the game I had in mind but I guess I played something else at the friends' house...

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