Maxxi Games, Paris

Started by beaker, 19:59, 26 March 12

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Did anyone else see this on the Retro Gamer forum? Can't see any CPC stuff in the photos (could be wrong of course) but the place looks awsome all the same (if a little expensive)....

retro games shop in Paris


Someone realised that they have too much stuff and that it is cheaper to open a shop than to pay ebay fees. :D


I sent this link to my friend who then pointed me to Super Potato:
Super Potato in Akihabara (Tokyo) : 8 + 16 bit on Vimeo


I've been in Super Potato several times. Suprisingly reasonable prices, but nothing CPC or general 8-Bit :( Didn't buy anything.



Been there too, indeed I don't recall buying anything (I don't even have a Saturn), but the feeling was awesome!

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