Most expensive "vintage computing" and "consoles & video games" articles on Ebay

Started by cwpab, 16:59, 12 April 24

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It looks like Ebay let's you run an empty search in any category, and then you can filter by higher price.

These are the most expensive items on sale for consoles & video games.

And these are the most expensive items when you specify "Consoles", much more interesting as the previous one showed the typical Nintendo cartridges.

And these are the most expensive articles for "vintage computing".

I found 3 interesting items this way: a cute Dreamcast TV called "Divers 2000 CX-1 CRT TV", a rare Korean "Alive 2" 3DO and a super odd "Wang 600" computer from 1978 whose monitor looks more suited for a calculator (edit: it's actually a calculator according to many websites, but it appears on Ebay as a "computer").



The Korean 3DO is suspiciously similar to the PSX. Since the 3DO was released earlier, I thought I was onto something: did Sony actually steal their PSX design from this?

The truth was quite different: this 3DO was released... in November 1996.


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