Old arcade machine (1943) with z80 tweets high scores :)

Started by emuola, 07:58, 01 June 11

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Sorry if this is too OT (mods can move if necessary), but I thought that if a project implements a network interface etc into a machine with a z80, it deserves a link here :)


You can now start throwing the tomatoes, if I was wrong ;)
Amstrad CPC 6128+ and internal HxC floppy emulator


Moving to Other Retro.

But this is really nice! Yet, what is the Twitter account? Couldn't find it...

I also like the humping bunnies :D


QuoteThe first module is a hardware driver called z80interface. It is written with the hardware I made in mind, and it knows how to take over the Z80s bus and read or write a byte to the main memory. It has no knowledge of the code or memory map of the Z80; in theory, you could use this module plus the hardware on any machine built around a Z80. With some modifications, it probably even works on other 8-bit CPUs too.
Completely interesting.

Considering that the CPC and PLUS do have Z80...

BTW, 1943 cabinet's main Z80 runs at 6mhz... which is a bit more than our humble 4mhz... :'(

Thx anyway to have post this here.

If you had the heart to do some stuff on the Amstrad PLUS or even CPC... ;)

Also : special dédicace pour Gryzor.

Interracial can be fun.



TFM of FutureSoft
Also visit the CPC and Plus users favorite OS: FutureOS - The Revolution on CPC6128 and 6128Plus


Yeah, I missed another opportunity to halt die klappe and shut my tongue...
Next time je fermerai ma gueule.. :D


Quote from: MacDeath on 15:34, 01 June 11
BTW, 1943 cabinet's main Z80 runs at 6mhz... which is a bit more than our humble 4mhz... :'(

Worse it's a 6Mhz machine with Hardware Sprites with side trimmings and the lot to make it do what it was designed to do!  >:( 
But of course the beloved Amstrad seems to produce a reasonible version of the arcade without the hassle of throwing more coins away just to play the darn thing!  :D

* Using the old Amstrad Languages :D   * with the Firmware :P
* I also like to problem solve code in BASIC :)   * And type-in Type-Ins! :D

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