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Operation Wolf remake / Switch, PS, Xbox, Steam, VR

Started by Gryzor, 08:19, 10 May 23

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Anthony Flack

QuoteHence, in certain cases, such as those classics from the first decade of video game history, better leave them alone and let them rest forever because although its success and memories are indelible, its mechanics have already been surpassed by others much more complex and attractive. and saved Tetris, No matter how many years pass, those old arcade formulas are falling into disuse and they are not exactly the reason why millions of players continue to enjoy video games. Don't you think?

I despise this attitude. Ever heard of a little thing called Flappy Bird? Complexity is not attractive, Mister fucking superior.

People still play games like darts and billiards and golf and ten-pin bowling, don't they? Elegant design has less shit in it, not more, and these reviewers don't know good design from bad. We live in a culture where the most successful games are the ones that can monopolise your attention the longest. Not everybody is on board with that. 

Anthony Flack

Not to mention the "more complex and attractive" features of modern games are in large part psychological addiction triggers adapted from the gambling industry. 


Well yeah, fuck the comments, I only skimmed through the article, for me the only thing noteworthy was the release announcement :D


I always found the home ports of Op Wolf to be a bit lacking. Once you took away the gun controls the underlying game was a bit shallow and I'm not sure that's going to have improved with age. It might have been a bit more casual fun on the Wii, like the Resident Evil rail shooters, but I can't see it being that great once you're using a controller.


Yeah, I don't think I'll be playing anything other than the VR version, assuming it works on the Oculus.

But I reeeeally love the CPC version, gun or no gun. 

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