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PSU for Amiga 1200

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I did consider posting this in some Amiga forums, but that would involve signing up and dealing with all of the bickering....

I picked up an Astec AA21430 for pittance a little while ago, which I'm hoping to use to replace my aging A1200 PSU in a nice 3D printed case.
(PSU is this model:

Ideally I'd like to replace the AT-style power connector with some sort of DIN socket for power, and knock up a cable with a plug for that on one and and the 5-pin square power connector for the Amiga at the other...

Keeping in mind the current required for the Amiga and wanting to avoid any voltage drop due to the Amiga's sensitivity, can anyone suggest a suitable socket/plug for this?

Would this be any good?

Every connection is a potential failure point. I'd connect an original Amiga power cable directly to the PSU.



--- Quote from: Bryce on 16:39, 07 April 21 ---Every connection is a potential failure point.
--- End quote ---
Ah, so you've seen my soldering skills?!  ;D

Point taken, although I wasn't planning on sacrificing the original PSU for the cable....



--- Quote from: OffseT on 19:18, 07 April 21 ---
--- End quote ---

Sure, I could just buy one ready to go - but where's the fun in that?


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