Enterprise 128 - Renegade scrolling and other games with improvements over CPC

Started by lmimmfn, 15:31, 25 February 23

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Apologies if this was posted already, I was browsing the Enterprise forums to see if there was any update on John Brandwood making a scrolling Gryzor version for the Enterprise - https://enterpriseforever.com/programming/converting-old-ocean-games/ and unfortunately no update.

Then checking out on youtube i saw that geco released a Renegade conversion on the Enterprise with scrolling, it looks awesome(although i would remove the psychedelic colours at the bottom), would be amazing if CPC version had scrolling:

Some other interesting conversions with improvements:
Green Beret with scrolling:

Wec Le Mans with more sky colours

Nigel Mansels Grand Prix - faster than CPC version and more colourful

Chase HQ - loading screen/title screen improvements, maybe speed?

There are some more on the channel - https://www.youtube.com/@SlashNetUA/videos

6128 for the win!!!


My fault, I was in contact with "geco" since the R-Type port on Enterprice 128 and he was doing some change on Renegade with me (before the covid years) to allow like the arcade to have the player hitting while running and jump/bounce on the walls to kick back the ennemies. Next, the idea was to port the game with the extra features on CPC.
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:o , now you're getting me excited, cant wait, it looks fantastic with scrolling, please leave out the psychedelic effect though, lol

This will be amazing on the CPC.
6128 for the win!!!


Yes please! Throw, wall jump kick, running punch and knocking into them while running would be fantastic on the cpc.

(reply again as my message was lost)


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The Enterprise is a fantastic machine.

My 2nd ❤️ after my CPC. 

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