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Hello fine people,

I though I would create a thread on my YT channel, for updates and discussion. This is a channel that deals with retro games on several platforms but mainly focusing on Amiga and Amstrad CPC, covering modern retro games, obscure games that deserve more love, the occasional stinker (gotta love these) as well as my own (usually negative) opinions on games considered to be classics.

I have 18 episodes already, with the most recent one being a review and playguide for the Amiga port of Elite! Enjoy!

For the latest episode we have Orion Prime. A spoiler-free review of this impressive 2009 point'n'click adventure game for the good, old Amstrad CPC. A masterpiece or a missed opportunity? Check out this episode and find out!

In this episode we shall be taking a look at Apprentice, a rather obscure platformer, released by Rainbow Arts in 1990 for the Commodore Amiga. A hidden gem or a game better left untouched?

For the latest episode we have an Amstrad CPC game from 1985, Airwolf, famous for its ridiculous difficulty level. Does it deserve its notoriety?

New Retro Rant episode dealing with the Atari ST version of Addams' Family. Was it truly better than the Amiga version?


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