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New JSW remake
« on: 01:53, 06 April 15 »
"Will's Epic in the Timeless Zone" is a free online "Jet Set Willy" like game.
 It was created with Flash ( So, you'll need a computer !) for reasons of fun, nostalgia, and as a tribute to the 80's video games.

 Please Enjoy !

 Web site : Will's Epic in the Timeless Zone
Will's Epic in the Timeless Zone

 Facebook : https://www.facebook..._homepage_panel

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Re: New JSW remake
« Reply #1 on: 01:22, 07 April 15 »
Can also post video here you know, why don't you register please... ::)

tested it... collision are quite uncompromising... perhaps a little bit too much.
but yeah, nice YSW feeling.
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Re: New JSW remake
« Reply #2 on: 04:55, 07 April 15 »
Looks like a really nice homage to JSW.

But it's *really* tough from the get-go.
I seem to mess up the jump over the VERY FIRST ENEMY 50% of the time!
JSW, although being AMAZING DIFFICULT, at least gave you more vertical space when jumping over individual enemies.

I'm not sure if the jump in this game isn't quite high enough, or that the height of the enemies is a few pixels too much... or maybe the collision detection is a bit unforgiving.

Nonetheless, I'll be giving this game some more time, as it actually appears to be really well designed.
Some great enemy sprites too.

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