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Robocop Prime

Started by Gryzor, 12:44, 08 February 14

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Lazy Dude

Theres a few games that handled the sprite traffic well. I still find Operation Wolf a beast of a game when it starts packing in platoons of squaddies and multiple choppers. Speed wise on the original hardware it does well, so you can expect to be able to pack in plenty of action.
Lets not discuss the sad arse games that wilt under too much action!!!


So i guess this is dead and buried?


Nope.  Don't assume things like that please.  Is a lil rude but thank you for the interest.  I'm very busy with a lot of things and learning much as I go. :)
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Good to hear you're still at it!

The graphics on the screenshots I've seen look somehow better than the ocean game - and considering how good that version was that's really something!

I look forward to hearing more updates!
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Any update on this?

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