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Some new Amiga mods from me

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Back in the day, I used to create a lot of Amiga mods. Then moved onto much more channels.

Recently I've been looking into MODs again, mostly because it's the only kind of project I have time to actually complete. But also because I've actually sold at least 30 licenses for MOD files on - and such things are of course motivating. I don't know what it is about MOD that gamedevs like. I would have thought XM would be more interesting, but apparently not.
I think it's partly because many of the old platforms can handle MODs. One of the gamedevs who's bought licenses from me is working on a game for the Atari Jaguar for example.

So here are some recent Amiga mods I've made, to anyone interested. mp3 versions available for most of them.

"Final Break (Secession III)" -
"Amiga" -
"Calm down" -
"I won!" -
"New code" -

Listen in full stereo, meaning 100% channel separation.

Another little Amiga MOD I did today.

"Scifi Theme" -

Listen in full stereo, meaning 100% channel separation.

New track up now. "Coco Pops".   :)

...and a good morning to you too :)

And another one released today.  :)

"The Escape" -


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