Some new Amiga mods from me

Started by mr_lou, 20:12, 07 October 19

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Another new track released just now: "Sunset Rebels".


New track released just now: "Cosy Vibes" -


Two new tracks from me.  :)

"Ice Caverns" -


"Sneaky Chick" -

"Sneaky Chick" is a small track I did today to test a new old trick that I only learned about a few days ago: Create 14-bit quality in an 8-bit MOD.
There are two versions you can download; a normal 8-bit version, and a 14-bit simulated version.
The difference is in the noise-level of the bass sample. The biggest problem with 8-bit audio: Noise on bass samples.  :)

I have never known it was possible to use 2 channels to produce 14-bit'ish quality. I'm absolutely blown away by the quality we can achieve with this trick. I'm having difficulties hearing the difference between real 16-bit and this 14-bit version.
It does require a player with precise timing though, for it to work. I've tested on my Amiga 1200 with Delitracker, EaglePlayer, Hippoplayer and Protracker 2.3d with succes. But Protracker 3.61 fails about 50% of the time.

Using 2 channels to do other tricks, such as emulation a lowpass or highpass filter, is something I've been doing a lot lately. And you can of course also create phaser effects etc. Who needs fancy modern DAW's? Not me.  ;)


New track: "Tension" -
Slightly neutral trance for that action level.

Was meant to be another 14-bit MOD, but thing changed along the way.


Another track up now: "Happy Sunrise"

This time I was trying to meet the requirements from Amiga devs who's been complaining my MODs were too big - and that there weren't any room for sound effects.
But also want to produce "quality", so I made 3 MOD versions this time.

  • High-quality 14-bit version
  • High-quality 8-bit version
  • Low-quality 8-bit version (smaller filesize)

Channel 4 can be interrupted in all versions for sound-effects.


Put another one online today: "No More Continues"

Downtempo relaxing melancholic track, available as
  • 8-bit MOD
  • 14-bit MOD
  • 16-bit XM
  • 44100hz 16-bit MP3/OGG
  • 48000hz 16-bit WAV
Take your pick!  :)



"Daydreamer" -

Easy listening, trying to make a pianoballad'ish thingy in a MOD.

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