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Started by robcfg, 00:42, 16 June 14

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This is kind of an unusual request, but does anyone have (or for the matter, know someone that has) a Touchmaster Tablet for the BBC Micro, C64, Vic20 or the ZX Spectrum?

I got one for the Dragon computer, and it strikes me that there's absolutely no info on this tablet besides what I uploaded to the Dragon Archive (link here if anyone is interested).

The tablet was supposed to have interfaces, and I guess different software, for all these platforms.

Not the best tablet in the world, and no, no amstrad version, though as all the touch surface handling is inside the tablet, it should be fairly easy to do an interface for the CPC.

I'd be interested in documenting the software and the different interfaces.



Pretty nice... how well does it work with the Dragon?


Not bad, but you have to stab the tablet with the stylus XDDDD

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