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Hi everyone,
I'm considering buying an Atari Harmony cartridge ( for the 2600. Has anyone used one of these?
Also while searching eBay I found this:

But he doesn't say if it's Sunnyvale made or Asia-made (most probably).

Sealed products are always a problem - do you keep them sealed? Or have fun with them?

Still, I've got a heavy sixer and love it to bits...

At that price, you put it in a bank vault and see a psychiatrist.

My bros just bough one, it's a must have if you're planning to program a game on atari, because the colour aren't the same on stella. my bros wasn't satisfied by postal service, the box seems to have take a bath. fortunately the expeditor put the cartridge in a plastic bag, so it's working.

and the expeditor wrote "no commercial value" on the box. not sure if it's a good idea....

It *is* a good idea, otherwise it may be subject to taxes etc. Indeed, it has no commercial value. But this doesn't mean it doesn't have *any* value - collectors' items are always like that. Insurance is not calculated based on commercial value, if that's what you're hinting at...

@steve: right on :D


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