The PC Engine SD (In a GX4000 case)

Started by 00WReX, 16:53, 07 July 17

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And here's some more details from the maker on AtariAge...

On there they indicate they purchased and empty GX4000 case to use for this mod.

The CPC in Australia...
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I've never liked the gx4000 case but before everyone starts throwing things at me it is growing on me.
But very slowly.

However it looks really good in a black colour.
Maybe I should jazz up one of mine.
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Ah yes! I know the machines from this guy! There are all quite beautiful chimeras and, as far as I know, he sells them, although I imagine that they are pretty expensive. Certainly, instead of being black, I would prefer some decals of Johnny Turbo on this one. OK, it is not a Turbo Duo, but close enough  :laugh:


Not that I often care about how a console looks all that much (cos if you're spending that much time gazing at the machine rather than at the TV screen playing the games then something's wrong) but that does look pretty cool.  Certainly far better than the PC Engine's original case and the black makes the GX4000 case much more sleek looking and appealing.
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what if we paint the original GX case  ? how it will looks like ?
did somebody already did it ? :)

Shaun M. Neary

Looks way better in black to be honest. It would actually encourage me to paint over the beige.

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Wow, that looks really nice. I'm tempted to spray paint my GX4000 but I'd probably miss the authentic beige and want another one. They're getting expensive now too compared to what they were when I got mine. I blame Larry Bundy Junior for telling everyone they're exploding and getting rarer!


Saw this while on vacation. It really does look great and given that the GX has ample space inside I guess it's a good choice for a media player or emulation station if painted...

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