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Volume 3 of Learn Multiplatform Assembly with ChibiAkumas is out now!

Started by keith56, 09:25, 09 May 24

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I'm proud to announce that the 3rd and final volume of Learn Multiplatform Assembly with ChibiAkumas is out now!

Volume 3 is in the same format as volumes 1 and 2.
The first chapter is the assembly introduction which is basically the same as Volumes 1+2 (So you can read Volume 3 without having read the other volumes)

Volume 3 covers MIPS, TMS9900, SuperH, IBM370 and PowerPC CPUs

The book is around 50 pages longer than the previous volumes, so the price is slightly higher due to printing costs - In many countries I'm actually making slightly less money on this book.

The book is out now in B4 sized Hardback and A5 sized paperback...

Get the A5 Paperback Here:
Get the B4 Hardback Here:

Large Print A4 paperback is also available Here:

Due to piracy problems and relatively low sales of Vol 2, I'm not planning to offer a Kindle version this time (I'm pretty sure there's bot scripts automatically ripping off the new releases), however I will be offering 'Buyers remorse' PDFs, I will post an update about this in the next couple of months once the dust has settled from the book release.

If you've not seen Volumes 1 or 2 yet, you can get them here:
Volume 1 covers Z80, 6502, 68000, 8086 and ARM CPUs:
Volume 2 covers ARM Thumb, 65816, 6809, PDP-11 and Risc-V CPUs:

Chibi Akumas: Comedy-Horror 8-bit Bullet Hell shooter!
Learn ARM, 8086, Z80, 6502 or 68000 with my tutorials:
My Assembly programming book is available now on amazon!

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