What's the BEST retro game that LOOKS TERRIBLE and the WORST that LOOKS AWESOME?

Started by cwpab, 21:20, 24 February 24

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In my case, I've never seen a game that's so ugly and simultaneously good and fun as Matchday II (1987, programmed by a single person with a second guy doing the artwork in paper, it features 2 player co-op or Vs and multiple types of kicks with a single button depending on the position of the bar at the top, it's also the only football game where you can press a button to jump to hit the ball when it's up):

Ironically, best version is top left due to speed. Field can be changed to black luckily

Finding beautiful looking games that are s**t is a bit more difficult, but I recently discovered Neo Hunter (1996, MS-DOS, the game looks fantastic but apparently it's only about some boring mini-games, you can find more screenshots in https://www.mobygames.com/game/2218/neohunter/screenshots/):

Cool looking video
Cool looking machines
Cool looking buldings
Cool looking mini-game

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