Author Topic: WHICH IS BEST? 6 versions of The Chaos Engine player select music  (Read 1441 times)

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Well here we are again and welcome to the April edition of "which Is Best?"
Another month rockets past since the last "which is best?" video where we saw "Wicked" defeat "Ghouls 'n Ghosts" for the creepiest music and that makes 3 landslide victories in this series,...last month starting off neck and neck until Wicked ran away with the votes.

This time I bring you the famous, excellent player select screen music by Richard Joseph of The Chaos Engine, this music was sooo cool on the A500 so thought it would be interesting to see how all 6 versions would turn out in the voting.
They are:
DOS, ATARI STE, MEGADRIVE / GENESIS, SNES, AMIGA A500 and the CD32 versions,...Which Is Best?,...only your votes will determine that!

Happy voting everyone!, Zeus :-D

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