HxC as a HDD for your ST!

Started by Gryzor, 09:49, 20 June 11

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I just noticed this on Jeff's site:

QuoteWhat is HxCmount ?
HxCmount is a piece of software for your Atari ST that transform your HxC Floppy Emulator SD card into a hard disk emulator. Once loaded, you will be able to use a new disk letter (C: for example) exactly as a hard disk partition, the only thing is that the partition resides on a image file on your SD card.
Soooo cool!


I should definately get me one of those...


I should buy me a second one...


might be worth getting the ST down the from the Attic this weekend to try this out.

(I managed to get a couple of 20Mb HDDs in the past, but they are not that reliable)

pretty darned impressive though!


Can you just copy files off a disk image onto the disk and play a game this way?