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You pay the postage - Various PCW mags

Started by ComSoft6128, 11:05, 03 October 20

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While opening boxes today of what I thought were CPC magazines I found to my surprise they were mostly full of PCW magazines. Approximately 40 8000 Plus, 40 PCW Plus and the rest made up of Amstrad PCW (the official Amstrad magazine) and The Amstrad Professional User(?). If anyone is missing an issue of one of these magazines I may have it here - if so please let me know and I will check for you.


The PCW Wiki has all the 8000 Plus already, but may be interested on the rest of them.

It will take us a week to review what we have. Do you mind waiting until we can check?

Thanks a lot!




PCW Wiki has all of 8000 Plus - what about PCW Plus?

Other mags here are:

1. Amstrad Professional Computing x 16

2. Amstrad PCW (The Official PCW Amstrad Magazine) x 45

Now I need you to tell me what issues (if any) are missing from your library.

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