New edit and pages creation spree (2017-2018 edition)

Started by MacDeath, 02:11, 22 December 17

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I guys.

As some of you may have noticed, I am editing the Wiki again after a 7-6 years rest and my huge editing sprees of the past.  :)

I noticed that many pages related to Demoscene in general weren't quite updated since the late 2000's / early 2010s.

quite a shame because those previous 10 years saw quite many events from the CPc scene.

>> since Batman released its legendary stuff, many bigass generic Demoparties saw nice primed, praised and prized Amstrad releases .

>> and many of those events became de facto Amstrad parties as big handfulls of Amstrad Sceners may attend them.

>> most of those releases had close to no proper pages, same with their creators and the parties they were released at.

>> Many websites links are broken or dead by now.

>> social medias and media websites such as Youtbue or Twitch or Facebook became more important as proper medius for the CPc community.

>> new websites were created, even one quite recently on the topic (Memory Full)

>> Pouët and DemoZoo are important players as well for the last decade.

>> many sceners wouldn't quite even consider having things up to date here... I found out the spanish dudes from GUA and the Retro Madrid things were non-existant despite the huge work they did previous 10 years to promote CPC and amstrad at huge cultural retro-computer events.

and blah blah blah.

so :

= I am trying some templates here eand there, nothing quite definitive and work in progress.
= I cannot edit or update everything by myself but try to show exemple.
= you know me i may not be always too serious nor completely accurate but I try to give proper infos anyway or create workable stubs.

So if you have any remarks or comments or suggestions or critisizings or whatever, please do it here so I can account for it and correct things if needed.

> huge demoparties/retroparties will have big pages covering them globally, but some individual editions may get their own pages (check RetroMadrid as exemple), I'm still working on proper "template".

> would be cool to create pages for CPC related websites as well, I edited the "Forum" page but website page would need that too as things changed in 10 years and most links are dead.

> are youtube links/inclusion using many server ressource ? what about links ? are there too many ?

> I remember links in Wiki often used to be of the [<address> <what is to be displayed>] sort, so you just have a blue things used as link

I try tu do things like <name of the site> : "direct link" in a sub paragraph especially for links.

also I try to use some bold letters to get things readable. is this done correctly ?

ok have a nice x-Mass evry ones, gotta sleep now.


I've been reviewing all your edits. Great (and lots of!) work, thanks so much for your time :)

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