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Another BASIC for CP/M found

Started by GeoffB17, 22:19, 08 April 23

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There's been a thread on the VCF (Vintage Computer Fed) forum regarding the BASIC\z compiler (I think this was a precursor of the Power Basic system.   This was advertised as a much more powerful BASIC than normal, aimed at commercial users, and described as a Native Code Assembler (for 8080 and Z80).

Various fans have been trying to run down a copy of this system, gradually finding hints, then traces..

Well, just seen that the thread has found, in separate places, a full manual for the system, and this has now been scanned.   Another searcher has found a full copy of the software and associated files for the system.   Both of these turn out to be for the same version of the system, v.1.11.

See the CP/M section on the forum.

I've managed to download both packages, and hope to get this running on my PCW.  No idea yet what the performance times are like.

Noticed quite a few commands that you don't normally see in 'home' systems.   Also seen the note that it does NOT do the usual 'garbage collection' so as to enhance speed, so all $ variables must be pre-defined to fix their location in RAM, and also fix the max $ length.   Interesting way of handling PRINT - there is ONLY PRINT (to screen) available, but there is a system flag that can be changed to swap between print to screen, or printer, or file, and all print goes to whichever is 'on' at the moment.

Looks interesting.   I'll see what else I can find it it.



I'm still exploring this system, a number of oddities turning up, but things ARE working.

Keep an eye on the linked forum over at VCF.


Sykobee (Briggsy)

Interesting, except the linker is primitive (I guess it was 1983!) and just attaches the entire basic library to your program. I'm guessing for a decent sized program that isn't a major issue as you'd need most of it anyway.


Yes, I'm sure this is so.

However, as I've noted in a recent update to the VCF thread, there is another way offollowing this.   The 'compile' stage produces something akin to an 'obj' file, and that is still quite small (and far more proportional to the code in your .BAS file).  This system allows you to - in effect - execute the .OBJ while it is temporarily connected with the .LIB data to give a complete .COM.  The manual points out that if you have multiple progs that will work together then it's NOT a good idea to fully compile them all, better to leave them as .BZO (the 'obj type file).

Still trying to understand the full implications of things.


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