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Started by arnoldemu, 15:15, 09 October 10

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So you want to have a tape loader which has multi-coloured bars in the border like those Spanish ones?

This loader is based on the topo-soft loader, but I have fixed the bugs in it and made it much more stable and reliable.
You can press ESC to quit during loading too.
If you want you can change which ink represents the border colours, at this time it is fixed to the border.

IX = load to address
DE = length
A = sync byte value (normally &ff, and especially if using current version of 2cdt)

This is used in Blue Angel 69 cassette version and loads at standard Spectrum ROM timings.
You can use 2cdt to generate blocks suitable for this to load.

NOTE: Interrupts must be disabled, it also messes with the alternative register set. So if you want to use it with the firmware you'll need to preserve the alternative registers before and after loading.

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Thanks a lot , that will be usefull  ;D
"NOP" is the perfect program : short , fast and (known) bug free

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Thanks for this, I'll have to have a play with this soon!  :)

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