z80 labels of firmware calls

Started by krusty_benediction, 00:03, 08 May 22

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I'm pretty sure it exists somewhere, but I have not found an asm file containing the label/value for most firmware calls.

So I have generated them with the accompanying documentation. Everything is collected from: http://www.cantrell.org.uk/david/tech/cpc/cpc-firmware/

I have not controlled yet if they are all right, I have only controlled that the asm file is valid (at least on my assembler).
Here are the files : https://github.com/cpcsdk/rust.cpclib/tree/master/cpclib-asm/assets/firmware
and the generator if you which to handle differently math particularities: https://github.com/cpcsdk/rust.cpclib/blob/master/cpclib-asm/tools/build_firmware_labels.py

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