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CPC Plus Manual
« on: 21:52, 10 June 21 »
Hi Folks,

I never had a CPC Plus back in the day (I had a CPC664 when they came out).  I also had access to the 6128 as I sold them in my first job.  I have searched, but I cannot find a copy of the CPC6128 Plus manual (PDF) in English. Does such a thing exist?

My interest, is to know if there were any additional commands available that allowed you to use the enhanced features from BASIC?

Many thanks

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Re: CPC Plus Manual
« Reply #1 on: 22:01, 10 June 21 »
The Basic on the Plus was unfortunately not changed at all. Even worse: officially the Plus features were only available to cartridges, so it wasn't even intended that you should get access to the features. However there is a Basic extension which allows you to use the enhanced hardware. It's called B-ASIC (pun probably intended). You can find it here:

Manuals can be found on the respective Wiki page, but the Plus manual unfortunately is (still) a broken Word document. But finally it was uploaded here as a PDF:

Code: [Select][ENG]ENGLISH/464PLUS-6128PLUS_1990[ENG](acme).pdf

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