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Well done @jjaranda13 , looking good!
I am starting to get the game making bug again and have a few ideas and would love to use 8bp to do it.

Request: The sprite flip ability you have in your to do list would be very useful  :D

Javy Fernandez:
The 8BP library is amazing!

I was playing Parodius on the PC Engine yesterday, & this is easily comparable!

new available game: mini-pong ( a simple version of classic "pong")
it is quite simple, and suitable as introduction for begginers in 8BP.  The BASIC program is very short and understandable
i have the intention ti create some "short games" for help others to make their own games

This could be quite handy for anyone coding with CPC BASIC 3. Have you tried anything out between your library and CPC BASIC 3? It should produce some interesting results.  :D


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