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Title: A snake clone in just 0,5 KB
Post by: arnolde on 18:15, 28 May 21
After Gem Jam, where I tried to program everything myself and didn't care much for saving memory,
I wanted to try the opposite:
This is a minmalistic "Snake" game, where I tried to keep code as small as possible. So I used a lot of Firmware routines as well. The inspiration for this was youtu.be/ExwqNreocpg (https://www.cpcwiki.eu/forum/youtu.be/ExwqNreocpg), where someone tries to make a snake game (for Windows) small enough to fit on a QR-Code. So, the game itself is nothing special, but I managed to keep it at 512 bytes.
You find more details about how it works and how I tried to keep it small in the source code.
Again, I'm looking forward to your feedback and further optimization tips by experienced coders ;-)
Have a nice day!