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ACID : what a cartridge game or application may add ?

Started by MacDeath, 14:52, 21 February 10

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Quote from: steve on 11:47, 20 August 10
Could you offer an extended cartridge that has an exposed ZIF socket so we could easily and quickly change the 512KB rom and reduce the need for one ACID chip for each ROM.

At the moment "I can offer" only an idea :-) Take an old cartridge, replece the EPROM by a socket. The socket is connected to a cable, which in turn is connected to a textool socket, which is located outside of the cartridge. In this socket you can place a 512 KB EPROM.

The EPROM size is (like Octoate told me, and I remember it also that way) defined by wire-jumpers inside the cartridge.

Take a look at the Arnold V spezification.
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