Looking for a hint on patching Phantis binary to redfine menu keys.

Started by DieSkaarj, 23:31, 23 November 21

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Hi everyone,

My name is David. I'm close to completing an English patch for the original release of Game Over II, Phantis. The only thing that's holding me back is that I can't figure out a way to change the menu keys from T >> K and E >> S and I was wondering if anyone here could provide some insight on how to do that. The tools I'm using are a hex editor and Caprice32. I'm a bit out of my depth here to be honest and any help will be well received.
You can find the patches in their current form on github: https://github.com/DieSkaarj/PhantisEnglishPatch

Thanks in advance.



These are the hardware scancodes comparisons:
&9DA0  CP &3A  ; "E" key  --> CP &3C
&9DA5  CP &2D  ; "J" key
&9DC3  CP &33  ; "T" key  --> CP &25
&9DF6  CP &26  ; "M" key


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