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New Cross-Development Tool for CPC464
« on: 22:07, 09 September 20 »
Just found it in a news post on f*ook and maybe it is interesting for the community:

What is Turbo Rascal Syntax error, “;” expected but “BEGIN”? In a nutshell, Turbo Rascal Syntax error, “;” expected but “BEGIN” is a complete suite for developing games and demos for older computer systems. TRSE is created with Qt (C++), and runs as a stand-alone application that contains various tools for developing and deploying projects for these processors. The TRSE suite includes the following stuff:
  • A fully functional Pascal parser/compiler/assembler that compiles to various target platform assembler (in text format)
  • A built-in assembler for the 6502
  • A substantial amount of handy built-in assembler functions optimized for easy-to-use and fast operations (typically memory operations, zero paging, copying, sprite handling, IRQs, clearing screen, drawing to screen, input handling, maths, sprite handling)
  • Help text for each built-in method, constant.
  • Lots and lots of tutorials – compile and run more than 250 example files from more than 30 tutorial/sample projects.
  • Turbo Rascal language tutorial series (under the C64 tutorial section)
  • Built-in ray tracer that can create advanced ray-traced scenes / movies. The ray-tracer contains several methods for exporting compressed data that the C64/VIC20/Amiga etc can decode. Made for creating demo effects.
  • Lots of demo effect example files & projects
  • Full demos and games sample projects included
  • Compile-time and post optimizer
  • Advanced image / sprite / level / character / font / tile editor.
  • Document-style editor for images and source files with syntax highlighting and code completion.
  • Character-based movie editor that exports to compressed image formats
  • Disk support using Krill’s loader. Automatic creation of .d64 disks with files.
  • Cycle counter per line, displayed in the editor
  • Memory usage analyzer tool (creates an image of the memory map of the current project)
  • Automated decruncher for compressed data (images, levels, sound etc)
  • Disk/crt support
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Re: New Cross-Development Tool for CPC464
« Reply #1 on: 01:42, 10 September 20 »
That name is quite the mouthful!
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Re: New Cross-Development Tool for CPC464
« Reply #2 on: 02:32, 10 September 20 »
Oh well, that's for commodore mainly. For Amstrad we have CPC Telera, SymbOS and FutureOS. --> Get the revolutionary FutureOS (Recent update: 2019.08.07) --> Get the RSX-ROM for LambdaSpeak :-) (Updated: 2019.08.14)

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Re: New Cross-Development Tool for CPC464
« Reply #3 on: 11:32, 10 September 20 »
It does have preliminary 464 support (and spectrum) along with commodore, nes, gameboy etc
Looks an interesting IDE too.

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Re: New Cross-Development Tool for CPC464
« Reply #4 on: 12:19, 12 September 20 »
Nice idea, but it needs Pasmo and doing something about "point the executable to in the TRSE settings dialog"?  :doh:  Followed by Caprice32 because it's the only Emulator which supports Injection!!

I have CPC BASIC 3 on my old XP box, that has Pasmo included in the Package and an Emulator called CPCE which supports Injection from CPC BASIC 3, so I'm real daft when it comes to these Cross-Development Tools  ???
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