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Title: BOOK: Amstrad Turbo Pascal Author: Douglas S. Stivison
Post by: AMSDOS on 14:39, 19 August 10
Chance here for someone to get the envy from me!  ;D 

It's the book I believe written specifically for the Amstrad version of Turbo Pascal released in 1986 so would be targeted towards Turbo Pascal 3. It's written in French, though for some reason that didn't really faze me even if I'd be frantically be using the Google Translator!  ???

Unfortunately it's the only place I see it on sale and they won't ship to Australia!  ???

You can find it here (http://www.priceminister.com/offer/buy/57118364/Stivison-Douglas-S-Amstrad-Turbo-Pascal-Livre.html)!
Title: Re: BOOK: Amstrad Turbo Pascal Author: Douglas S. Stivison
Post by: erikarn on 13:31, 11 September 10
Perhaps some useful tidbits could be added to a wiki article on TP3 ?

Title: Re: BOOK: Amstrad Turbo Pascal Author: Douglas S. Stivison
Post by: AMSDOS on 15:46, 11 September 10
The introduction to Turbo Pascal on CPCWiki's page is perhaps a bit broad. Starts off okay, but this bit:

QuoteThe name Borland Pascal was generally reserved for the high-end packages (with more libraries and standard library source code) while the original cheap and widely known version was sold as Turbo Pascal. The name Borland Pascal is also used more generically for Borland's dialect of Pascal.

Is a bit offtopic given Borland Pascal I don't think came in until later on. Turbo Pascal 3 came in other moulds with Turbo-BCD & Turbo-87, though these were PC specific - both of those were available for DOS & CP/M-86 (the later Turbo-87, was made to take advantage of a PC with a 8087 maths co-processor installed or better e.g. 286 for example).

On a CPC Turbo Pascal 3 comes as a complete package as a Bootable CP/M Disc and Installation file with Instructions for setting this up on a 464/664 & 6128. I've used this on a 6128 without modifying the installation process, in spite of it being suggested to do this - I think this is to benefit the size of the program which can be written. 464/664 users can use the program as provided and advised not to run the Installation program!  :)  I'm under the Impression that this particular Turbo Pascal package custom built for the CPCs were marketed only in Europe (not the UK) because everything relating to it which is CPC based seems to have been done there! Of course Turbo Pascal for CP/M was around, not sure how one would of got on getting a copy like that, and even when you do you've got to setup all the CP/M Control Codes to be able to edit your programs. The CPC Version of Turbo Pascal also comes with some CPC Specific programs as well such as WINDOW.PAS which demonstrates the use of Text Windows.
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