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Hi Folks,

I never had a CPC Plus back in the day (I had a CPC664 when they came out).  I also had access to the 6128 as I sold them in my first job.  I have searched, but I cannot find a copy of the CPC6128 Plus manual (PDF) in English. Does such a thing exist?

My interest, is to know if there were any additional commands available that allowed you to use the enhanced features from BASIC?

Many thanks


The Basic on the Plus was unfortunately not changed at all. Even worse: officially the Plus features were only available to cartridges, so it wasn't even intended that you should get access to the features. However there is a Basic extension which allows you to use the enhanced hardware. It's called B-ASIC (pun probably intended). You can find it here:

Manuals can be found on the respective Wiki page, but the Plus manual unfortunately is (still) a broken Word document. But finally it was uploaded here as a PDF:

--- Code: ---[ENG]ENGLISH/464PLUS-6128PLUS_1990[ENG](acme).pdf
--- End code ---


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