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CPC WARS - Twin-Stick Shooter made with Sprites Alive

Started by Amagni, 06:04, 29 August 23

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Hi all, I wanted to make a simple game and after trying a few methods I settled on Sprites Alive as a really quick way to get something up and running.

It's a twin-stick shooter like Geometry Wars, where you use joystick 1 to move and joystick 2 to shoot.

Please check it out and let me know if it works or if you have any issues.

DSK Download:
run"twinstik to use 2 joysticks
run"shipgame to use 1 joystick and arrow keys

Tape WAV Download:
The tape loader is pretty minimal so you won't see any feedback once the BASIC part runs.   Just run" then let it go until the end. 


That looks great. 

And Sprites Alive seems to be really interesting... How much RAM does the library and sprites need?


Quote from: eto on 20:50, 29 August 23How much RAM does the library and sprites need?
You can download the documentation here:

It's designed to run fairly self-contained, so you compile your code and sprites with their compiler and it makes a big binary blob thing.
You can also run the BASIC version that adds RSX commands to regular BASIC, which is how I started but it slowed down once I added the enemy AI so I switched to the compiler.

Sykobee (Briggsy)

Nice work, Sprites Alive was a nice package.


I wired up two arcade sticks with the proper diodes to separate the inputs, and loaded the game on my new second-hand 6128 (via the tape port as the gotek still isn't working  :( )
It's really fun playing this way, once I've made a proper base for the sticks I'll bring it to the museum on an open day so Sydney folks can come and try it yourselves!

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