FDC Tools - Amsdos direct load reliability

Started by roudoudou, 08:31, 21 March 23

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For people using FDC Tools and experiencing bugs/freezes with Direct Amsdos read, i can help you :)
I diagnosed the problematic portion of code in ReadAmsdos.asm
When skipping the file header, the code takes too much time between the 128th byte and the storage routine
To sum up, a first routine stores the header, count bytes, then to 128 is doing some backups before overwriting the header
You may experience FDC Timeout because there is +57 nops between 2 data reads (whaaaaaaaaaaatt????)
I optimised the code to reduce this to approx 45 nops maximum so there is no more errors/retries 8)
Plus i quickly fixed the Sense Interrupt to NOT retrieve 2 results if there is only one to get (the famous routine "tomber en marche")
Enjoy :)

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